Hidden Gem Custom Songs
A Song Is Forever
Why I Write Custom Songs
I'll never forget the time someone wrote a song for me. It's impossible to convey how much that meant to me other than to say I listened to it over and over through tears of gratitude. Since then I've grown in my own songwriting and have learned that a song is often the perfect way to express myself and communicate what matters to me. Over the years I've seen firsthand how powerful and meaningful it is to merge music with personal story. It's like mining precious gems from a person's life and polishing them into a treasure. . . a song.

I've always loved rocks and gems. When I was little my father often took us out into the S.C. countryside where red clay banks lined the road. Along those banks, often hidden in the folds of clay, or sometimes perched like tiaras on their own little clay castles, were beautiful quartz crystals. They sparkled in the sun just waiting to be discovered!

Songs are the same - gems waiting to be discovered. As a songwriter I love taking the musical motifs that are constantly running around in my head and creating songs for people. I'm always excited to see what new song is on the horizon. . . maybe yours..
When To Give A Custom Song
Perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, graduation, greetings and farewells, major accomplishments, or just to say "You're special and we celebrate you!"  For loved ones, sweetheart, family reunion, friend, colleague, non-profit, conference, corporate event, retreat, business venture, or theme song.
Song Samples
Birthday Song w/ video (simple tracks)  
Theme Song for radio broadcast (full tracks)
Success-Farewell Song (simple tracks)
50th Anniversary Song (full tracks)
Linda's songs are personal and created with true heart. She really has fun with the lyrics - laughter is a given if you want some humor! I have heard her perform retirement, birthday, and going away songs. She captures the topic and person entirely - one of a kind works of art!  (Elie Jones, Raleigh NC).

I almost cried at my going away party when Linda sang to me. She's the best!!!  (Amanda Bryson, Waynesville NC).

Linda is a listener, ever-attentive to the most subtle nuances of life. Her tender sensitivity is a poet's antenna, and her music is her joyful response. She is happiest when she's writing songs and connecting them to people and situations. I have been both her musical partner as well as recipient of her songs, and to be caught up in her musical sphere is not only to be heard and understood, but to be loved and lifted up.  (Alisa Bair, Lancaster PA)
I was honored that Linda wrote a song for my retirement. It is amazing. Every song is in a different style.  (Tony Espelage, Whittier NC)

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be gifted with an extremely sweet, funny, and touching birthday song, composed and performed by Linda! What a treat!! After 50+ birthdays now, this was and is the only one accompanied by an amazing, original, and wonderful birthday performance! It warmed my heart and soul! Thanks again so much, Linda. I and your work family love you so much!  (Laura Lyon, Maggie Valley NC).

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