About Me
I'm a flutist, singer, songwriter, environmentally-minded nature and animal lover and I write, arrange, and perform.  My music is a blend of classical, folk, ethnic, and improv.  I play silver flute, Native American flutes, penny whistle, ocarinas, ukuleles, keys, sing alto, and I whistle.  In concert I enjoy sharing stories and anecdotes from my life, some funny, some inspirational,  all in tandem with my music.  Songwriting is a special love.  I find it energizing, uplifting, and so thoroughly satisfying as a way of bringing joy to others and communicating from the heart. 
This video gives a glimpse of me and my life in the mountains of western N.C.  I'm blessed to live right next to a horse pasture in a place where wildlife flourishes and with natural beauty all around me.  "The Gift Of Love" (heard with this video) was composed by Hal H. Hopson and was arranged and performed in this version by me.  It's a personal favorite so I'm using it to accompany my video montage!  Featured with my singing are African log drums, baritone ukulele, Native American flute, and mandolin.
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